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Chihuahua Dog

Training Chihuahua Dog

This breed of dogs is the most loveable, adorable and huggable pet in the world. This breed has been popular with the high and the mighty. This breed is most visible along the celebrity circuit. From Marylyn Monroe to Paris Hilton, the Chihuahua can be seen sitting pretty on the laps of these celebrities.

This small and lovable pet is very easy to train and maintain. This particular breed is loved for its size and its temperament. This makes it one of the most sought after pets of celebrities. This particular breed loves to be seen out in the open. It enjoys travel and therefore makes the ideal companion for top shot celebrities and film stars who are always constantly on the move.

The popularity and craze for this breed was partly due to Marylyn Monroe. She took her Chihuahua everywhere and it became the most widely photographed pet. Celebrities don’t seem to have enough about this and it is not unusual foe people to own three or more of the same breed.

The film Legally Blond also furthered the people’s interest in this breed and more and more people are adapting this highly lovable breed.

The soft fur makes this pet instantly lovable. It also has a smiling demeanor, which endears itself to whoever comes into contact with it. It has a tendency to lick your face as way of appreciation and love. So don’t forget to clean your face of the moisture after it has licked your face. Kissing your dog frequently can also cause allergies.

Also the fur, which falls, could lead to allergies. So keep your dog healthy by giving it a bath regularly and brushing its coat. Also ensure that it I free from pests and other insects.

Like others breeds this dog also needs a bit of house training. As this breed spends most part of the day on the lap of its owner, it is not expected do much apart from staying quite when asked to. This small dog has a fairly long life span.

Due to its diminutive size this particular breed is also prone to a lot of injuries and accidents. Children like to play with it and sometimes cause injuries during play. This diminutive dog also faces the danger of coming under your feet. So one has to remain alert all the time.

When this particular species of dog is taken outdoors, one should never leave it alone. Bigger dogs could harm this and even maul it to death. Therefore when you take this dog to the outdoors see that there are no bigger dogs around before letting go off your pet for playing.

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Chihuahua Dog